Add Mortgage Broking to Your Business

Would your clients benefit from credit advice?

Are your clients asking for lending  services?

Are you referring lending opportunities to other businesses?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then this is definitely the opportunity for you. Membership with Red Rock is a unique way to enter the mortgage finance broking industry and grow your businesses revenue and profit with mortgage broking services.

Red Rock has helped a range of businesses add mortgage broking to their existing business model. Our national network of more than one hundred mortgage and finance brokers includes many financial planning, conveyancing, real estate, and accounting practices to name a few. Leverage your existing database and client relationships by adding mortgage broking to the mix and provide a one-stop finance solution.

We've developed a highly successful turnkey system for adding mortgage finance broking services to existing business with very little distraction. Mortgage broking is highly financially rewarding, integrate it into your business to grow your revenue & profit.

A logical extension for related businesses, many of our members have taken advantage of adding mortgage finance to their business and have trained their existing staff for the role, leading to a far greater return on staff overhead. Our flexible approach allows you to maintain your own business identity whilst adding broking services to your existing business without all the hassle. Check out our comprehensive range of member benefits to see how they could improve your revenue and profit.

If you'd like further information or for a confidential discussion about adding mortgage broking services to your business. Request your free information pack today.

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