Mortgage Broker CareerMortgage Broker Career

A mortgage broker career with us provides you with all the necessary training, mentoring and accreditation requirements to enable you to start a career as a mortgage broker or add mortgage broking services to your existing business.

Our comprehensive services are exceptionally competitive, highly flexible with low entry and ongoing costs.

When you commence your mortgage broker career with us you will have access to an extensive range of over 40 lenders.  We hold an Australian Credit License and we’re looking for self-employed professionals seeking a career in mortgage broking in all states to join our rapidly expanding member base.

Mortgage Broker Career Benefits

Starting a career as a mortgage broker can be a highly rewarding experience, not just financially but can also provide you with a  flexible work/ lifestyle balance.

A mortgage broker career with us offers some exceptional member benefits including our comprehensive range of marketing and member services.

Most members have high financial goals and a career as a mortgage broker can bring these rewards. The unique benefit of becoming a mortgage broker means that you are paid each month a trailing commission based on the balance of the outstanding loans that you have settled in previous months and years. A mortgage broker career is like no other in that you’re paid for the work you did last month or last year, long after the loan has settled. This lucrative passive income stream is just one of the many financial rewards that a mortgage broker career can bring.

Your mortgage broker career with us means your in control. Choose both the hours you work and where you work from, based on your personal circumstances and aspirations. A career as a mortgage broker can deliver you the work/life balance you’ve been looking for.

A career as a mortgage broker with Red Rock Brokers Group means you don’t need to setup a shop front or office. As a member you can work from home and see clients at their home or place of business.

A career as a mortgage broker can be not just financially rewarding but also provide you with satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that you have helped people with some of the most important financial decisions of their lives. There are a number of member benefits to starting a mortgage broker career today.

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