Mortgage Broker Course

When becoming a mortgage broker with Red Rock our turnkey mortgage broking induction program provides you with all the required pre-requisite educational qualifications to become a fully qualified mortgage finance broker. 

The minimum educational pre-requisite mortgage broker course set by ASIC is Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking. Because our program is completely turnkey, when joining Red Rock you will be enrolled into the Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking online course as part of your membership induction. 

This course is generally completed online via self-paced interactive learning, through a series of modules, role plays and assessments. Members may also undertake the Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management course, however it is not a mandatory requirement for membership with us.

The Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking course has been specifically developed for anyone wanting to start a career in the finance & mortgage broking industry, written by industry specialists, it’s designed to cover all the fundamentals of the industry such as the various lending products, compliance, the processes & procedures required to take a client from initial interview through to loan settlement and everything in between.

The course is more than just a qualification, it’s a complete program designed to equip a new broker with all the skills, knowledge, experience and most importantly the tools to become a successful mortgage broker. Starting from the ground up you’ll learn the fundamentals of the industry, its key stakeholders and the roles they play, the technical aspects of broking including the products, processes and most importantly the compliance requirements.

Mortgage Broker Course Elements

In addition to the industry fundamentals, the course will teach you the important components of how to find, attract, develop and retain clients, build a network of partners that provide you with ongoing customer referrals, the key elements to managing a successful business and planning for growth. We then teach you how to take this knowledge and develop & implement strategies to:

  • Start and grow your business revenue
  • Manage your priorities to spend time on the most high value tasks
  • Build strong business networks and relationships with key stakeholders

So when you’re finished your mortgage broker course, not only do you have the qualification but also the knowledge to take begin a successful career as a mortgage finance broker.

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